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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve my date?

Your date is reserved when you sign the contract and pay half down plus a $500 refundable security deposit. The deposit can be made with cash, check, or card. Please note that there is a 2.5% charge for credit cards.



The Gin can hold up to 500 seated in rows and 350 seated at round tables.

You will get use of the space from 10 a.m. until midnight. You will also get full access to tables and chairs for 200 people, 10 bistro tables, and 6 serving tables. Linens are not included but are available to rent for $12. They come in black, white, and gray.

Yes, a rehearsal is included. Please note that all rehearsals must work around any preexisting bookings.

No. All planning and coordinating must be done by you. We have a list of preferred wedding planners that we can put you in contact with.

You must choose from a preferred list of caterers.

Monday through Thursday you can book a non-wedding event for half of the day. All weekday weddings are $3,000.

Yes. We offer a discount if you book the space for 2 days.

We have a 23’x32’ bride’s room with mirrors and seating and a 12’x30’ groom’s room.

There is an elevated stage for a DJ or band and a large dance area in front of the stage.

Final headcount, final seating plan, and event detail worksheet are due two weeks before event date.

The Gin has 23 spaces (handicapped included) in front of the building. Approximately 100 spaces are in the back of the building.

Nothing can be nailed, screwed, or taped to the walls, and all candles must be in a container. No glitter or confetti is allowed. Also, no artificial flower petals or sparklers are allowed outside.

We require the client have a “Special Event Insurance Policy”. Certificate of Liability Insurance naming The Gin at Nesbit as an additional insured must be provided to staff 30 days before any scheduled event. This insures that you shouldn’t be held liable either!

Yes, we are now fully licensed and offer an assortment of drinks from our price list. We also supply all the bartenders. Contact us for further details regarding our price list.

We have a large catering/prep kitchen. You must be a licensed caterer.

Clients and their suppliers/vendors are responsible for the removal of all items brough into The Gin and for ensuring adequate cleanliness. All trash must be placed in sealed bags and placed in the trash bin at the conclusion of the event. Tables and chairs belonging to The Gin must be free of food and properly cleaned.


What is the capacity?

What all does the rental fee include?

Is a rehersal included?

Does The Gin have an in-house event/wedding planner?

Do you offer catering?

Can I rent the space for only half a day?

Can I have the rehearsal dinner at The Gin also?

Is there a bride's room?

Is there a dance floor and space for DJ or band?

When do you require a final headcount?

Is there adequate parking?

Are there any décor restrictions?

Does The Gin require liability insurance?

Can we have alcoholic beverages?

Is there a kitchen?

What is the cleaning policy?

Are pets allowed?

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